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Quality goes without saying, experience is what it's all about.
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SCEZÒR - ons verhaal

  • Family business
  • Created by poor customer experience
  • Logo based on the powers of the wolf

Our mission

  • High quality polo shirt
  • Customer experience excellence
  • Creating a community


  • Durable materials, wear-resistant
  • Natural comfort, breathability
  • Breathable and moisture absorbent


SCEZÒR is the brand for more than just a high-quality polo shirt. Because quality goes without saying. We think it is important that everyone feels special. That's why we don't just give you a polo shirt, we give you a gift. Because we believe that the experience of receiving a polo shirt should be as fun and important as wearing it.

Who likes to have your nice polo inside a plastic bag like a rag? No indeed, no one. That's why we made it a party! This will put a smile on your face when you unwrap your polo. We would like to invite you to experience this for yourself!

We take the somewhat stuffy nature of the polo and turn it into a party with unique events and countless extras. So we don't do this alone, but together with our community. Because together is always better than alone!

hour designing the clothes
hours done to research

SCEZÒR polo’s

Our story

At SCEZÒR, we go beyond fashion. We create a lifestyle and community driven by the powerful characteristics of the wolf.

The wolf's head is a timeless symbol of strength, courage and connection. With our polos, you are not only wearing fashion, but also a meaningful message.

Like the wolf, we unite in a strong pack, and we invite you to join our exclusive Wolfpack, where passion for style and the will to grow come together.

Polo Sand
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De Verhalen van SCEZÒR

Over Scezòr polo’s

SCEZÒR is the brand for more than just a high-quality polo shirt. Because quality goes without saying....

Missie en beleving Scezòr polo’s

At Scezòr, we believe that the experience of fashion goes beyond just wearing a garment....


We too believe that much can still be done in the apparel world in terms of circularity and sustainability....

Scezòr poloshirts

Airy, casual and elegant

Our polos are made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane.
They are available in 4 tasteful colors, which color will you choose?

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